One honey… one story

Epilekton means the finest!

From yesterday… to today!
The gold of the nutrition treasure throughout the centuries…

An art that is passed down from generation to generation!

Practicing nomadic beekeeping, they move the beehives where nature gives its treasures. Grandfather’s love for bees and honey is what prompted his grandchildren to love beekeeping and to devote themselves to it with passion.

Epilekton Honey | Premium Greek Honey Epilekton εκλεκτό μέλι υψηλής διατροφικής αξίας.

Every honey… a journey!

Epilekton because from early spring our bees start travelling to the most selected parts of Greece, places rich in vegetation and biodiversity.
The first stop is the orange honey from the orange groves of the Prefectures of Etoloakarnania & Arta.
Thyme from Galaxidi.
Fir from the mountains of Evritania & mountainous Nafpaktia.
Pine from Evia & Thassos.
Forest honey from the mountains of Centaurs (Pelion).
Heather and arbutus from Valtos in Etoloakarnania.

In our collection you will also find Pollen, Fresh Royal Jelly & Propolis Tincture.

Epilekton Honey | Premium Greek Honey Epilekton εκλεκτό μέλι υψηλής διατροφικής αξίας.

of Greece

Aromatic honeys with amber color and a distinctive aroma.



Traditional and rich flavors that contain memories of Greece.



Honeys from blossoms and the renowned pine tree forests of Greece.

Epilekton εκλεκτό μέλι υψηλής διατροφικής αξίας.
Care and love

Every journey is a different taste experience!

Beekeeping is a passion and we always work with love for the bees and respect for the environment.

We inherited the Love and respect for nature, bees and honey. We have combined the philosophy of honey with passion, and we bring you the gold of the Greek land in a jar.